Kuji Cam




Jaw-dropping, pristine filters for all your shots


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Kuji Cam is the kind of multi-purpose photo editing tool that's both easy to use and sufficiently technical to satisfy your filter and photo effect needs without having to rely on using (yet another) third-party photo editing app.

Customize photos from your phone and modify them to your own taste right from the main panel in Kuji Cam. From that same spot, you can also check out exactly how each filter alters your snapshot and browse through any of the other filters available; plus you'll get to toggle through parameters for each filter to modify their intensity at your own discretion.

Another cool thing about Kuji Cam is that you can apply filters before actually taking a picture, so you'll know what your end results are going to look like beforehand. Simply, grab your phone to take a picture and select a filter while shooting your photo -- easy, right?

Grab this popular photo app and start making your own digital creations today.
By Erika Okumura